SAM Reconciliation Software

Reconciliation is always one of the main concerns of financial managers and accountants in public and private organizations. Since accuracy and speed of reconciliation are very important factors, we developed SAM Reconciliation Software. It’s certified and actively used in Iran. We believe that it is a powerful and smart application enough to be introduced globally as a professional tool.

Reconciliation software

Software features

  1. Bank reconciliation
  2. Account reconciliation
  3. Automated transaction matching (one to one, one to many, many to many)
  4. Powerful and multi-level search logic using a proprietary algorithm
  5. Showing suggestions for manual matching of unmatched transactions
  6. Standard reconciliation report followed by a list of unmatched transactions
  7. Easy to install and use
  8. Compatible with any accounting software
  9. Comprehensive search
  10. Cheque tracking
  11. Free installation, free training, and free support up to 30 days
  12. Multi-level and parametric reconciliation logic
  13. Unlimited records
  14. Developed using the latest programming technologies
  15. Language customization
  16. Certified by Supreme Council of ICT of Iran

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