D-Sight Decision Making Solutions

نرم افزار تصمیم گیری

D-Sight is one of the most famous companies developing decision support systems and solutions. SAM Consulting Group is the representative of D-Sight in Iran, U.A.E, Qatar and Oman.

D-Sight has developed a unique mathematically proven methodology for multi-criteria analysis and wrapped it in a state-of-the-art software. This method allows users and customers to be able to make the best decisions based on data and thorough analysis.

D-Sight has been checked and tested by more than 50 universities. Today,  customers in more than 45 countries use D-Sight solutions in both public and private sector. Public health, national defense, pharmaceutical industry, banking and finance, investment companies, oil and gas, transportation, real state and research industry are using D-Sight effectively.

D-Sight solutions are:

  • Collaborative Decision Making Tool (CDM)

    Standardize your decision-making process, align stakeholders' opinions online and justify your choice.

    The best tool for decision-making that you can possibly choose is the one that has been checked and tested by more than 50 universities all over the world. It combines the easiest interface and strongest mathematical power. Imagine if you were able to take into account all variables for a decision and allow all involved experts to share their opinion. What if you would be able to see all this valuable data under the form of a graph or chart or even automatically see every possible scenario?
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  • Project portfolio optimization Tool
    Portfolio optimization sample

    Optimize your corporate portfolio under resource constraints.

    High-level decisions on prioritizing strategic projects are complicated to make, let alone justify. Visual, intuitive support of these decisions can minimize the internal struggles.
    Imagine a system that integrates inputs from people involved in the prioritization exercise. A system that computes the optimal portfolio in line with corporate strategic objectives and budgetary constraints that you have defined. A system that provides you with sensitivity analyses to easily visualize and measure the impact of changing factors in your projects.
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  • Strategic sourcing analysis Tool

    Select your suppliers based on stakeholders' inputs and obtain an analytical, data-driven justification.

    Whether you are reporting tender results to the board, or to non-selected suppliers, justification of procurement decisions is becoming increasingly important.
    Price is no longer the sole evaluation criterion. Strategic sourcing includes not only price, but also quality, risks, delivery times, etc. This multitude of criteria, suppliers and stakeholders involved in the decision, leads to a vast amount of data that has to be taken into account. This is indeed increasing the complexity of any tender evaluation.
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