Marketing, advertising and e-commerce

Everybody sell! Organizations and companies sell services and products, earn money, grow and ensure their survival. Public organizations satisfy people and entities, and ensure the success of governments and parties by providing services and products. Non-profit organizations persuade their customers to protect them with providing financial resources that they need.

This is the important issue that the activities of all sellers do not lead to success. Deliberate actions should be performed to obtain stable and appropriate market share. It is important to note that success in market is not incidental.

Advances in management knowledge, presentation of efficient methods and tools, technological changes and so on, exposes the organizations and their managers to opportunities and threats constantly.

Undoubtedly, using non-scientific and inappropriate tools leads to wasting resources. SAMCG having the most experienced and professional team, helps mangers and organizations in strategic marketing management, advertise planning and entering to the world of e-commerce.

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